Dream on

Two words you didn’t expect
to read tonight —



I’m thinking maybe sculpture
someone else’s dream
that I don’t happen to understand


I got 99 problems and at least one is all in my head

a dream of someone
acting like a jerk
makes me angry
in real life
I have to chant
they didn’t really do that
to convince myself
of the truth

somewhere deep inside
I fear that they are truly
like that and can I trust
them? or am I the jerk
for believing it possible?
even in my subconscious

Living Body Donation

I dream of surgery that slices
the muffins and burritos
off my stomach, and I donate
the fat to a starving child
in Somalia.

Then I have a nightmare
in which the government
creates an agency to decide
who has this surgery,
who doesn’t, who receives
the benefit, who starves

And I wake up cold.