The Sound of Almost-Silence

you know how when the talkers
and the chatterers
and the gabbers
are absent from the conversation,
sometimes the quiet ones speak up
and you learn something, you
get surprised?

with everyone else in bed
the clocks tick in syncopation
one a silvery metallic burst
the other a deep bronze heartbeat

I never knew you felt this way
I’m sorry I didn’t respond well
anything else is a heart attack


A complaint: to be lodged formally

What, may I ask, is the point of saving
daylight time if a miser
squirrels it away where we’ll never
see it again? The sun hasn’t shown
itself since we screwed with the clocks.
Time to change something else.

A Profound Thought

Narnia exists in each of us.
You know all those times
when you’re daydreaming
and you jerk back to reality
and it’s only been two minutes?
That’s because time exists
differently inside our heads.
That’s also, incidentally, why
I’m overly optimistic
about how long I’ll take to get ready.
If only other things like cleaning
didn’t have to take up time
in the outside world. It would give
me more time to do the things
I want. Anyway, what was I saying?