The Storm

The candymaker whistles
as he approaches the hangar
The apprentice looks up from stirring
leaves into a vat

He shakes his head
Something’s off

The candymaker borrows
the blowtorch
from the mechanic
and in a few minutes
the candy is ready to knead

The apprentice rubs the back of his hand
across his forehead
You have the touch

The candymaker points to the vat
Drain that before the storm
arrives, or there’ll be trouble


The Visit

The first time I visited Joe,
I pulled into the driveway
and spotted him in the garage,

so of course I approached
even though his back was turned.
I wasn’t expecting the guzzling
sound — when he stepped aside
the fizz from that beaker
stunned me — overflowing
might be an understatement.
I gasped and Joe faced me in a suit
rivaling an astronaut chef
and I was already done
but he wasn’t. He lifted his visor,
grinned like a monkey, and waved
in the direction of his project.
I backed away. “I don’t want to know.”

“The scanner says…”

“JOE! I don’t want to know.”
First and only visit, might I add.

Geometric Intervention

what if holes appeared in one of the pyramids?

what doctor would they call?

imagine that diary entry:
Dear Diary, today I tried to save a pyramid.
It was too late. The thieves had already
gotten in. I did manage to keep one team
from getting out, however. Not my original
plan but hey, I’ll take it.