Sometimes I get a feeling that I’ve never felt before

Sprawl on the couch
hand lands under throat
fingers catch pulse
just above collar bone notch


Weird Diets

What if unicorns only ate gummy bears?
What if two plus two sometimes didn’t equal four?
What if God created penguins to compensate
for the nasty creatures like mosquitoes?

What if everybody sees red differently
and we’ve just learned to call that shade the same thing?
What if termites hate the taste of wood?
What if the Eiffel Tower were inverted into the earth?

The Sound of Almost-Silence

you know how when the talkers
and the chatterers
and the gabbers
are absent from the conversation,
sometimes the quiet ones speak up
and you learn something, you
get surprised?

with everyone else in bed
the clocks tick in syncopation
one a silvery metallic burst
the other a deep bronze heartbeat

I never knew you felt this way
I’m sorry I didn’t respond well
anything else is a heart attack

Adventures with Words: Wednesday Edition

is malars a word?
yes actually it is
is it related to molars?
well, it’s closer than you’d expect
— another word for zygomatic bone
which is a fancy name for cheekbone
specifically connecting to the outer eye socket
any other questions?

Anatomy of a Tear

cloudy crystal hesitates
elongates down the slope of my cheek
weaving like a slalom skier
its own weight shapes the teardrop
as the crystal ball clarifies
a sleeve smears the glass sphere
leaving tracks like a fairy’s rain
boots after stomping through a puddle