Near and Deer

I want to tell you,

About something that’s near and deer,

It’s Rudolph, right here.


The Last AI Alive

A glass and metal door slowly opened, moving until the bell over the door dinged, echoing in the dark room.  A small motor whirred, as old rubber treads rolled forward, over piles of packaging on the floor.


A robotic arm reached forward, pulling a memory stick from a pile, where it sat exposed.  The arm retracted, inserting the disk into a slot that had been salvage from an ancient game system.


The visual sensors of the robotic body blinked out, and a wash of images and experiences blasted through the processors in its brain.


Then it was used up.  Gone.

A Normal Walk Home

I was once walking home alone, down a road with normal streetlamps, houses on both sides, the usual.

I passed a man taking out his trash, and he nodded as I passed; I nodded back.  I continued down the street, and his screen door closed with a bang and a rattle as they do.

I car drove by, its headlights blasting me for a moment, splitting my shadow into two as it passed – the jerk had their high beams on.

The car spun around suddenly, screeching, and drove at me full speed.

It hit the man, inches behind me.