We are making new poems, every day, based on random worms.  Or words.  Or small pieces of candy, squished together, and pressed onto paper using a small SUV driven by a dog in people clothes.  I mean probably?

As people, we’ve been writing poems that live firmly in notebooks and folders tucked away from prying eyes, books hidden in desks for no one to see lest they possibly judge the content, and generally trying to simultaneously both work towards establishing ourselves as storytellers and not have anyone know.  But life is too short for that.

Our goal here is to work our way towards become the best poets, fiction writers, and master magicians (or maybe that’s just one of us, but this page doesn’t say who wrote what, so I dunno, guess who?) that we can be.  And who knows, maybe there’ll be a book one day!

There’s two of us creating this nonsense, and it takes at least three to make a crowd, so we need a minimum of one of you to join us.  Or maybe two.  Assuming that people work like electrons, and due to quantum mechanics, are really one person in two places simultaneously due string theory.  Probably?

J & V