Weevilly Hold-outs

The Rolodex is like using
an evergreen for your Christmas
Originally meant to last
a long time. In reality,
thrown out when you don’t
want it anymore.
Basically pretend weevils
got into your Rolodex
and rendered it useless.
Just like your Christmas tree
in January.


Living Body Donation

I dream of surgery that slices
the muffins and burritos
off my stomach, and I donate
the fat to a starving child
in Somalia.

Then I have a nightmare
in which the government
creates an agency to decide
who has this surgery,
who doesn’t, who receives
the benefit, who starves

And I wake up cold.

Let Me Tell You a Story

He runs through a temple,
dodging spiked walls,
a giant marble rolling to crush
him, poison-tipped arrows
pulled by fierce warriors.
He leaps into his comrade’s plane.
He pulls a python from his seat
and flings it away as the plane
struggles into the air, avoiding
a last volley from the pursuit.

After all that, it is the snake
that bothers him.
That comforts me.